Meet our ambassadors

  • Jean Kittson

    A multi-talented performer and writer, Jean Kittson is one of Australia’s best known and most popular comedians, entertaining and amusing audiences in theatre, print, on radio and television. 

    "There has never been a more important time for Raise in the lives of our young people, who are more anxious and overwhelmed than ever before.

    In the old days, it really was a village that raised us, but the last two years especially, have inhibited that.  Young people have become habituated to isolation, removing them from the extended wisdom and guidance of people who know and love them.

    A Raise mentor is another important and trusted adult in the lives of our young people. Raise is life-changing and an essential service."

  • Pat McCutcheon

    Rugby Pro and ex- NSW Waratah, Pat currently runs the family farm in Narromine, NSW. He is utilising his experience as the Elite Youth Development Manager and Club Captain at the NSW Waratahs to relaunch his local Junior Rugby Club.

    "I was fortunate to meet Vicki Condon at an awards ceremony, celebrating young Australians in 2012. After hearing her story and the positive impact Raise was having, I was hooked. I immediately wanted to be involved. Fast forward 10 years and it's been the best decision of my life!

    The Raise community are arms wide open, yet so selfless in their approach. Watching young students flourish as the program works its magic is one of the most humbling experiences. I'm grateful to be involved with Raise and would highly recommend becoming a mentor."

  • Jacinta Tynan

    Jacinta Tynan is a well-known news presenter, author and columnist. She is also the author of Good Man Hunting, and edited the anthology Some Girls Do: My Life as a Teenager.

    "As a Raise mentor, I have witnessed first-hand the impact mentoring can have on a young person. Having someone listen to them and take a genuine interest in them - someone with no agenda or judgment - can change the trajectory of their life. 

    Weekly mentoring gives these kids an opportunity to step away from the pressures and demands that are heaped on them at this age and see possibilities. They’re at a crucial stage in their lives where impressions last. It’s incredibly affirming to see them empowered to make decisions that will transform their future."

Meet our ambassadors

  • Mark Beretta

    Mark Beretta, or ‘Beretts’ as he’s most commonly known, is the sports presenter on Australia’s number one breakfast show, Sunrise. Beretts brings viewers across Australia all the latest sporting news from around the world each morning.

    “I’ve been involved with Raise since it started, so I've been lucky to see the uplifting impact a mentor has on a young person. Raise has big plans to offer mentoring in every secondary school across Australia, and I'm onboard all the way with that goal!”

  • Georgie Gardner

    Georgie Gardner is Channel Nine’s newsreader on the nightly news at 6pm. She is one of the country’s best known and most popular television presenters.

    “As an Ambassador and mother, I love what Raise does; not only championing the needs of young people year in, year out, but also upskilling all the wonderful volunteer mentors.
    Raise empowers those of all ages and backgrounds to connect, support and believe in young people around Australia – it’s such important work.”

  • Hugh Sheridan

    Hugh Sheridan is a four-time Logie Award winner — an Australian actor, musician and television presenter.

    "I support Raise because I know first-hand that a good mentor can play a critical role in helping young people shape their lives, and I know it can be a lifesaver for some too. I am proud to be part of the passionate team at Raise and love that they support young people in their teens - its a time when life can feel so overwhelming, a time when so many start a lifelong battle with mental health issues."

  • Erik Thomson

    Erik Thomson is one of Australia’s most respected actors across film, television and theatre. He will next be seen in the feature film STORM BOY alongside Geoffrey Rush and Jai Courtney and the third season of the highly popular series 800 WORDS for Network Seven.

    “I was drawn to work with the Raise Foundation because of their simple but extremely effective premise. Simple one on one connection with a non-judgemental and compassionate adult. A pair of attentive ears to simply listen to their concerns.” 

  • Tommy Herschell

    Tommy Herschell has worked as a weather man, footy reporter and surf reporter and has been part of the Raise village since 2010.

    "I see mentoring as another opportunity to get around our young people and support them in their journey. The genuine relationships that are built, allow the skills and tools that are developed in the program, to be handed on through family, sport, school, and community-and how good is that. As we mentor young people we also reap rewards ourselves. Empathy, understanding, and the skill of just listening. And for all that, I'm stoked to be a Raise ambassador.”

  • Ryan Fitzgerald

    Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald shares the breakfast studio with Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli weekdays on Nova 96.9 in Sydney and Fitzy & Wippa can be heard nationally from 6pm to 7pm on the Nova Network.

    “Mental health is a cause close to my heart and being involved with Raise I’ve seen firsthand the amazing work they do for our Aussie youth. It’s a worthy initiative and one I’m proud to support!”

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