Partnership with Priceline highlights the priceless benefits of a mentor

Partnership with Priceline highlights the priceless benefits of a mentor

Raise are proud to partner with the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation. Formed in 2011 by Sir Bob Geldof, it’s focused on giving back to the community, specifically to provide support to women and their families. One of their four charity partners, they have been instrumental in enabling us to expand our programs across the country. The generous funding enabled us to provide additional mentoring programs to 150 more young people across 6 states in Australia.

Stories of Sisterhood – 4 priceless benefits

Recently, Raise mentoring graduate Anaya Summer sat down with Priceline Ambassador Sarah Jane Adams for Priceline’s Stories of Sisterhood Christmas appeal. The appeal has been set up to encourage Priceline customers to make an online donation or to round up when purchasing products in store.

From Anaya’s story about the life-changing impact that mentoring has had on her life we have pulled out four of the benefits that really stood out as the priceless benefits of her experience with Raise.



1 – Develops the ability to set goals and achieve them

As Anaya points out, mentoring has helped her establish goal-setting skills that have enabled her to forge a positive path forward in various areas of her life. We often remind our mentees that setting small and achievable goals is just as important as setting big, mammoth goals in helping build self-confidence and be successful. Goals can be as small as showing up to school, trying to get along better with mum and dad or completing homework more regularly.

Starting small and working upwards helps build the foundations to be able to successfully set and execute bigger goals further down the road. In 2019, 90% of mentees said that mentoring has helped them feel better about school and make better choices.

2 – Helps build trusting relationships

One of the significant outcomes Anaya pointed out in her interview was the ability to build and maintain trusting relationships with adults in her life. From parents and relatives to teachers and wellbeing officers, developing a relationship with a neutral positive mentor gives young people the confidence they need to identify the trusted adults in their lives and ask for help when necessary.

When a young person feels that they can talk openly with their mentor without the fear of being judged or lectured, they are more likely to trust and approach other adults in their lives they may have previously avoided or felt intimidated by.

3 – Enhances communication skills

Anaya shares that mentoring has helped her build confidence to be able to effectively communicate and engage both at home and school. 85% of the schools that run our program say that mentoring encourages student engagement with the school and helps to build individual and collective wellbeing.

By having someone take the time to really listen and understand what they have to say, young people start to feel heard, valued and supported. This in turn boosts their confidence and self-esteem and transforming the way they see themselves.

4 – Inspires hope and confidence

For Anaya, it was the positive influence of mentoring the helped spark hope for the future and the confidence to pursue her goals. From having a clear of idea of the person she wants to be and the career path she wants to follow, mentoring gave her the assurance she needed to change her outlook on life.

“It has built the foundation of what I want to do with my life,” Anaya shares. “Not only to set up what I want to do with my future, but set up my personal world, my relationships with adults, being able to set my goals, build trusting relationships. And it’s all been supported through these beautiful mentors from Raise.”

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