Working with school partners year after year

Having worked with school partners since 2008, we've built outstanding relationships and had the privilege to work with some of our partners for many years. As well as getting extensive feedback from schools during our evaluation process, we often receive emails and letters of thanks and recommendation. We’ve combined the stats and commendations from our schools to bring you their independent appraisal of our program.



School partners surveys tell us:

  • 96%

    would recommend the program to another school

  • 97%

    of schools asked for the program again in 2022

  • 72%

    rated the program as excellent and 26% rated it as very good

  • 92%

    of respondents rated the Raise Program Counsellors as 5 stars!

  • “This weekly time with a mentor gave them someone to speak to and gave them the experience of feeling valued, respected and heard. I feel privileged to be able to offer this wonderful program at our school.”

    Rhiannan, school contact

  • “During a time when students felt isolated, this program provided additional support and gave our students a wider net of people they could talk to.”

    Michael, school contact

  • “Raise mentoring has developed a strong reputation with both students and staff and has established itself as a valuable and effective contributor to student welfare.”

    Brad, school contact

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